Top 10 Open Water Swims that are a must to try

  1. Top 10 Open Water Swims that are a must to try

    Open Water Swimming is now more popular than ever, whether you go every week or are a beginner we asked Triathlete Beau Smith what his 10 top places for open water swimming are in the North West of england,  here’s what he had to say –

    As a Triathlete I would always recommend that any athlete should practise swimming in open water before they take on an open water triathlon. But where can you go to swim open water? Whilst it may not be as warm, I believe open water swimming gives interest and variety that swimming in a pool simply doesn’t offer. You may be new to open water or maybe you’re training for a triathlon, or perhaps you just want to head to some new locations.

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    Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or autumn, if you’re an athlete, gym lover, yogi, runner or whoever else you’re going to want to work out. Exercise is an important thing and you won’t want to miss out just because it’s a bit too warm.

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