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Please welcome our newest member Jessica Calderbank to the arena UK team

Jessica Calderbank is the latest swimmer to attract a sponsorship agreement with arena UK. The City of Manchester swimmer has had a great short course season, picking up medals at the Winter Nationals in December, the experienced butterfly swimmer now turns her focus on the long course season. Racing in the arena carbon glide suit, Jessica combines her swimming with her studies at the University of Salford.

Solo Sports / arena UK look forward to helping Jessica and supporting her swimming journey over the nest few years.

A bit more about Jessica –

British Summer National Champion 2022, English Winter National Champion 2022 – 50m Butterfly

Ranked No1 in Great Britain for the 50m Butterfly short course season 2022 & ranked 4th in the 100m Butterfly

BUCS 2022 SC Silver Medallist – 50m & 100m Butterfly

Mare Nostrum Finalist 2022

Multiple national finalist & medallist long & short course

Favourite stroke and event; 50, & 100m Butterfly

Favourite racing venue in the UK; Sheffield, Ponds Forge

Favourite racing venue anywhere in the World in which you’ve competed; Sheffield, Ponds Forge

Favourite arena race suit; Powerskin Carbon Glide

Favourite training set; Anything Fast! Speed endurance sets e.g. 30 x 25m MAX @60. Also like short ATP burst of speed!

Music; Rap – Stormzy & Kanye West

TV / Film; Documentaries

Any other information you wish to share: Sky Sports Feature in the documentary “Aquaphobia” My personal philosophy is motivated by the belief that “you can
achieve anything if you put your mind to it. If you don’t conform to the typical standards of what a swimmer ‘looks like’, find a strategy that works for you. Do it your way” This was the primary focus of my feature on Sky Sports feature. To show young aspiring athletes that there are swimmers from a black background like me, and I can be that example for future generations.

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